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Zayed S. Qassem

مؤسسة قطر
مدرب تكنولولجيا

My name is Zayed S H Qassem
I am an Author , Teacher and Trainer.
I graduated of the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University Department of Arabic Language 1995.
I like learning and developing my self so I am a student in SUNY (State University of New York ) to prepare master in 21st century learning skills.
I am a teacher of Arabic and Islamic for native and nonnative students in  Junior and senior schools in IGCSE & IBO international schools from 1997 present now.
I presented many workshops in  teaching and learning field in my school and around the schools and centers.
I was chosen as the best poet in the festival " Saad Wahba " at 2000 and from culture ministry in Egypt at 2004 . 

I got the second prize in the poetry competition in Cairo and in Egypt 2004.